Sunday, February 22, 2009

Button It Up

Lately I have been spending what spare time I have in my bead room. Mostly making button and marathon watching HBO's Rome on DVD (thank you work for the Christmas gift of a portable DVD player). Here are a few pictures of the button collection so far:

So I will admit that this is not my best work, but that's not really the point of making these. For me these buttons are a way of trying out different color combinations and a way to try out and perfect different embroidery techniques. They are also a perfect little respite from larger projects.

This jet & silver one turned out pretty well. The beads used are Japanese seeds with a nice Czech transparent grey rainbow tri-cut for sparkle and a lovely coin pearl.

I love teal and green and purple. When I'm in a rut this is my go to color combination. I'll also admit that this button was a work in progress when I decided to finish it. This button uses all Japanese seeds.

With this pink and grey button I went over board with the beaded ruffle. It turned out a little more messy than I set out to make it. However, I loved playing with pink and grey and I would expect to see a bigger project with this color combination. Again with the Japanese seed beads.

Ah, the red and pink button. There are something I really like about this and others that I considered pulling out and redoing. In truth this button suffers from "too much going on". I wanted to try out too much and as much as I like red and pink together, I have a hard time with it. This button uses Czech glass flowers, Czech seeds and Japanese seeds.

So this is what I've been up to, in fact I already have one more button to photograph and post. But I need to start a wall hanging for someone that I've been putting off for awhile now. I will probably get started on this with in the next week. Latter B.

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abby said...

hi im abby i just wantd to say that i adore your work itz sooo AWESOME!!!! hahaha i hope in the future i could do that wel yea hope to see more of your work lates....:)