Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello. Goodbye.

Sorry to have been so absent as of late. Lots of mundane stuff going on and we have been getting ready to leave for a few weeks on vacation, so I haven't had a lot of time to write. I have found some time to work in the bead room. Finished "the hand". But I still need to get to the fabric store to find the right fabric for Jen to do the quilting part with. Still the hard part for me is over.

After I finish one of these large pieces I like to make beaded buttons. They are quick to make and I use these as an opportunity to try out different color combos and bead embroidery techniques. The lovely thing about these covered button forms is that I can take out the shank and turn it into a pin or magnet.

This little guy will probably be made into a pin for my little sister, who is a lover of all things pink and looks good in green.

Well that's all there is to report for now. Probably won't have a chance to update for a few weeks so stay safe and we'll talk latter. B