Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is a gift for my good friend Connie in Tulsa. She is a fellow Gemini and a true kindred spirit. Unfortunately I don't get to see her as often as I would like, being so far away and all.

I used size 11 seed beads and some beige pearls that have a nice luster, the cab is a ceramic piece I picked up at The Bead & Button Show last year. After all the bright colors I've been using it was nice to work with a more subtle color pallet.

The chain is spiral rope chain with my first peyote stitch toggle clasp. This chain is great to use for so many reasons. It's very strong for one thing, your needle passes through the center so many times that even if there is a break some were the whole thing won't fall apart. But even with all the thread running through it, it still feels light and supple. Stronger than it appears is a good way to describe it.

In other news, "The Hand" has officially been handed over to Jen. We talked a little about what to do with it, but I'm leaving it up to Jen to work her magic for the most part. I'm sure we'll see what wonderful thing she comes up with in the near future

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring and my sinuses

We've had a nice stretch of gorgeous spring days and I am loving the warmer weather and all the blooming going on. However, my sinuses hate it. I have been sneezing, blowing my nose and netti potting my face for a week now. It makes it hard to really enjoy the spring when your eye are so itchy and watery that every thing is a blur. Okay, I'm done bitching.

Here is a picture of a double trillium I came across a year or so ago on a walk. If your not familiar with trilliums, they generally only have three pettals. So this was a rare find. I went back to the spot I found this the next year but I did not find it. So glad the picture turned out good and that I have a memento of this strange beauty.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Little Splurge

I finally went to the fabric store today to get stuff for "The Hand". I decided to pat myself on the back for paying off my car loan last month and letting myself go a little crazy. The brown and orange fall fabrics really called to me. Funny that we're entering into spring and all I wanted were the fall palettes. I also tried to pick up some colors I knew I didn't have, but mainly bought what ever tickled my fancy.

Then I headed over to one of my local bead stores, The Bead Garden, to see what was new. I ended up picking out some "vintage" beads. I tend to be sceptical when stores make the claim of vintage. It's also quite likely that these beads could be new, but made from molds that have been out of production for many years. Either way I love them and what does it matter when they were made? If you like them buy them. That has been my bead shopping motto for awhile now, because you never know if you'll see them again. I also found these adorable coral flowers and lovely cloisonne butterflies.

So that was my treat to myself. Tomorrow is my day to stay home, do laundry and bead. I have been working on something for someones birthday, but I don't want to show it just yet, in case that person happen to read this. I will just have to wait until it's given and post pictures latter.