Saturday, May 16, 2009

Swimming in a Sea of Pink

In an effort this year to make more Christmas gifts than buy them, I wanted to get a good head start. This is what one of my sisters is getting this year. She loves turtles and the color pink is her favorite. Which made it easy to pick out a theme for her piece.

Here are some pictures taken over the last few day to show the progress. I have to say I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out. Again, sorry about the pictures.

The enamel turtle beads I've had for years but I found my collection of pinks to be laking. It was more of a fuchsia to be honest. So after a mad dash through work and down to the local bead store I collected enough pink seed beads and was ready to start.
I'm going to fill in the right hand corner but I'm leaving the rest as it is. Hoping to be done soon, so I can get it off to Jen. I dont need the border to be anything fancey or wide. And I already have pink fabric, so no waiting to go the the store.

In other news my cat, Goldberry, has been stuck in a cedar tree in the front yard for two days now. I keep going out and calling to her but she dosnt seem to see any way down. And no, I cnt get her my self. She is about 50 ft. up and we have no ladder tall enough. I'll keep you posted.