Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jumping in with both feet

After some not so gentle peer pressure I signed up for the 2010 Bead Journal Project. I have been interested in joining this since first hearing about this during the 2007 go-round, but didn't remember to sign up until after the deadline ended this last year.

This will be my first foray into any challenge/group project and I'm really not sure what I plan on getting out of this. I am excited to see what comes from trying to use beads as method of journaling. Hopefully I will also be able to experiment with different techniques and explore different color pallets. Mostly I just hope I can keep up every month. My ability to stay focused and on track will be a main hurdle.

I have already put some thought into what shape and size I want to work on for a year and have decided to go with a 3" circle. In an effort to challenge myself I wanted to try a shape I had only worked with on a small scale. Now what I'm going to do with them once the beading is done I have yet to decide.

Hear is a sample i started just to get an idea of how it would look. It is like making beaded buttons just on a larger scale. I'm actually further along with this just haven't gotten around to taking a picture.

So that's whats been going on here. Gathering supplies, brain storming, general preparation in order to be ready when January rolls around.

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